Nottingham Christmas Market Engagement Photos | Dave & Ruth

We were pretty excited when Dave & Ruth mentioned they might like to go ice skating for their Nottingham Christmas Market Engagement Photos! Best. Idea. Ever. Dave is a filmmaker (check out his website here) and we knew we were speaking the same language as soon as ‘bokeh’ was mentioned in relation to Christmas lights.

We met them on the cobblestones of Castle Road and wandered the city streets making the most of sunlit arches, and a quiet car parking building, on our way to the Nottingham Winter Wonderland.

Ruth was one of the most bubbly, smiley people we have met and it was such a pleasure to spend time with these guys! It was like photographing cute on steroids.

We take photos of each other working, and yes, sometimes you have to adopt the foetal position to get the job done!

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